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UNC Charlotte is committed to creating environments where you can become part of the 49er community. By establishing meaningful relationships with your peers, faculty, and staff and accessing the opportunities available on-campus and in the City of Charlotte, you will expand opportunities for your success.


UNC Charlotte is committed to creating environments where you can become part of the 49er community. By establishing meaningful relationships with your peers, faculty, and staff and accessing the opportunities available on-campus and in the City of Charlotte, you will expand opportunities for your success.

During this 5-day, 4-night program, new UNC Charlotte students backpack multiple miles per day, tent or tarp camp each night, and rock climb.  Overcoming the many challenges presented by these activities, you will develop the ability to thrive in adversity, build community, and prepare yourself for a successful college experience.

Gold Rush is UNC Charlotte's welcome program that kicks off each semester and welcomes new and returning students to the campus community. Almost all Gold Rush events are free for students, and are hosted by UNC Charlotte campus departments and student organizations. Gold Rush aims to instill a sense of Niner Pride, teach campus traditions, and expose students to campus resources and opportunities for involvement.

Get a head start on your college career by participating in the University Transition Opportunities Program (UTOP)! UTOP is an excellent opportunity for incoming freshman students to begin their college experience early, gain seven credit hours towards their degree, start with a solid GPA foundation, get acclimated to campus early and build a support system of peers and staff across campus.

UNC Charlotte’s Learning Community Program has transformed the way students live, learn, and succeed in their academic endeavors for over 10 years. Learning Communities help students transition through academic and social challenges by providing small, supportive living and learning environments. You will interact closely with UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and peer mentors through areas of common interest, enroll in two or more of the same courses and in many cases, live together in the same residence hall.

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Emerging Leaders is a UNC Charlotte tradition founded in 1980 that offers a select group of first-year, first-time UNC Charlotte students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, while making friends and having a great time.

Established in 1998, the Leadership Fellows program promotes, trains, and develops specific skills desired by students interested in leadership roles. Through practical applications, experiential learning and related topics specific to leadership development, students will make positive contributions to University organizations and the surrounding community. They’ll also have a lot of fun along the way!

UNC Charlotte’s Bonner Leaders Program is a unique four-year campus-community collaboration that uses federal work-study funds to support public service learning. Bonner Leaders work on developing new educational opportunities, fighting hunger, preserving cultural histories, promoting racial and environmental justice, and ending poverty. The Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and communities by helping meet the basic needs of nutrition and educational opportunity.

The Honors College is the front door to honors at UNC Charlotte and houses the University Honors Program (UHP), the largest honors program on campus, open to all majors.  As the academic and support hub for high-achieving undergraduate students, the Honors College offers many benefits and opportunities.  The honors experience includes dedicated communities of intellectually-driven students, professional development events, and forward-thinking, hands-on involvement in the City of Charlotte.

The Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) is committed to assisting adult students develop and implement a plan for achieving their academic and career goals. OASES works collaboratively with academic units to provide advising, educational and social programming, honor society recognition, readmission services, scholarship opportunities, and the 49er Finish Program. In addition to internal relationships, OASES works closely with external organizations to promote the mission of OASES.

UNC Charlotte’s Veteran Services Office is dedicated to the support and success of our military-affiliated student body. From processing GI Bill® benefits to providing the Veteran Student Lounge for study and community, the VSO is the central hub at UNC Charlotte to promote a smooth and seamless transition for those choosing college after or during their service.

The UNC Charlotte Global Engagement Scholars Program (GESP) offers global awareness, academic and co-curricular opportunities to a wide and diverse group of students from all academic disciplines, especially those who may not otherwise become globally engaged.

The LJLC is a leadership program held during the Fall and Spring semester for first year students, during which students live and learn amongst each other. The learning community offers the advantage of being a member of a small group of students living and learning in a comfortable environment created specifically to help you discover the leader within. Caring faculty, staff, and peer mentors provide encouragement, support, and advice.

The Freshmen Class Council communicates with freshman students and the other class councils to offer innovative and creative ideas throughout the year, starting from when students step onto campus. These efforts will allow incoming students to form various bonds and connections that will assist with both retention and graduation rates.

Designed for first year undergraduate students, this cohort program helps connect LGBTQ+ and allied students to the Queer and Trans community on campus and in the larger community of Charlotte. Queer Year 1 will engage students through community building, intentional dialogues, and will provide students with campus and community resources.

NinerEngage is the online student organization hub that lets you learn more about UNC Charlotte’s student organizations. UNC Charlotte has over 400 student organizations to choose from, offering something for everyone.


SAFE (Student Advising for Freshman Excellence) is a peer mentoring, academic readiness and transition support program designed to help students successfully matriculate through their first year at UNC Charlotte. SAFE is open to all first year students, although it has a unique focus on underrepresented student populations (Students of Color, First Generation Students, and Low Socioeconomic Status).  Our programs ease the transition from high school to college and help minimize academic, social, and economic challenges.

Students Obtaining Success (SOS) is a peer mentoring program for students experiencing academic difficulty. We realize that unsatisfactory academic performance can have many different contributing factors. The SOS program is designed to help students identify their unique challenges and develop an action plan to improve academic performance and return to good academic standing.

Programs in Leadership and Organizational Training (PILOT) provides participants non-academic credit for leadership training. Established in 1997, PILOT is the largest leadership program at UNC Charlotte with over 1000 student participants annually. Each semester, approximately 100 workshops are sponsored by Leadership & Community Engagement in collaboration with many campus departments.

49er Rebound is a program to assist students who are on academic probation at the end of their first semester of enrollment at UNC Charlotte. New freshmen and new transfers from all colleges participate in 49er Rebound. Students will receive specific information from their colleges about program options, expectations, and enrollment.