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UNC Charlotte is committed to your success in classes. We provide you with opportunities for critical self-reflection, structured course planning, and self-efficacy as a mechanism to enhance your academic, personal, and career development.

Getting Started

In order to prepare for your time as a 49er, students attend the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program. This program assists you and your families with the transition to UNC Charlotte by providing an overview of campus resources and involvement opportunities as well as introducing students to their academic college, academic advisor, and assisting with course registration.

During this 5-day, 4-night program, new UNC Charlotte students backpack multiple miles per day, tent or tarp camp each night, and rock climb.  Overcoming the many challenges presented by these activities, you will develop the ability to thrive in adversity, build community, and prepare yourself for a successful college experience.

The Common Reading Experience at UNC Charlotte provides a shared academic experience to assist first year students in their transition to UNC Charlotte. This program offers unique opportunities for self-reflection, critical thinking, student interaction, and understanding of diverse perspectives.

Most new first year students don’t realize that they can take classes during the summer BEFORE their fall semester starts without going through any other application or approval process.  Take advantage of the Freshman Headstart opportunity, a great way to get a head start at UNC Charlotte.

UCOL 1200 (Freshman Seminar) is a course that takes the transition experience as its primary focus. Instructors for these courses are members of the University community who have significant experience in working with new students. These courses are typically on a certain theme, so you should make sure it is on a topic that is of interest to you.

Get a head start on your college career by participating in the University Transition Opportunities Program (UTOP)! UTOP is an excellent opportunity for incoming freshman students to begin their college experience early, gain seven credit hours towards their degree, start with a solid GPA foundation, get acclimated to campus early and build a support system of peers and staff across campus.

Need help choosing the appropriate first-year writing course? This page helps you to determine your placement in UWRT classes.

As a new Niner, you have access to an exciting range of spaces, services, and collections that will support your academic and personal growth at UNC Charlotte. We invite you to spend time in Atkins Library during your first year. Grab a cup of coffee at Peet’s Cafe, conduct research with our impressive collections, create something new in Area 49, or relax with a new book in a cozy alcove on the second floor. While finding your home at UNC Charlotte, find your spot at Atkins Library.

UNC Charlotte’s Learning Community Program has transformed the way students live, learn, and succeed in their academic endeavors for over 10 years. Learning Communities help students transition through academic and social challenges by providing small, supportive living and learning environments. You will interact closely with UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and peer mentors through areas of common interest, enroll in two or more of the same courses and in many cases, live together in the same residence hall.

Staying on Track

SAFE (Student Advising for Freshman Excellence) is a peer mentoring, academic readiness and transition support program designed to help students successfully matriculate through their first year at UNC Charlotte. SAFE is open to all first year students, although it has a unique focus on underrepresented student populations (Students of Color, First Generation Students, and Low Socioeconomic Status).  Our programs ease the transition from high school to college and help minimize academic, social, and economic challenges.

As a transfer student, you may face some challenging adjustment issues different from those of a traditional entering freshman. Concerns about transfer credits, different policies and procedures than previous institutions, timeline to graduation, getting involved on campus, and making new social connections are just some of the issues.  University College can help students ease the transition to UNC Charlotte by providing resources and making referrals that will save time and prevent confusion.

The Honors College is the front door to honors at UNC Charlotte and houses the University Honors Program (UHP), the largest honors program on campus, open to all majors.  As the academic and support hub for high-achieving undergraduate students, the Honors College offers many benefits and opportunities.  The honors experience includes dedicated communities of intellectually-driven students, professional development events, and forward-thinking, hands-on involvement in the City of Charlotte.

The Prospect for Success is UNC Charlotte’s plan to engage undergraduate students in a potentially life-changing opportunity for personal and professional growth. The Prospect is designed around three interconnected goals — Intentionality, Curiosity, and Awareness — what might be thought of as the DNA of education.

Students Obtaining Success (SOS) is a peer mentoring program for students experiencing academic difficulty. We realize that unsatisfactory academic performance can have many different contributing factors. The SOS program is designed to help students identify their unique challenges and develop an action plan to improve academic performance and return to good academic standing.

The Know Before You Go: Success in Study Abroad and Beyond Workshop Series is designed to help students take deep dives into important topics connected to study abroad.  Go beyond the basics and find your path to a truly transformative overseas experience.

The University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE) offers a wide variety of workshops on topics that strengthen students' academic success. These highly interactive workshops are led by staff and trained graduate students on-site and across campus.

49er Rebound is a program to assist students who are on academic probation at the end of their first semester of enrollment at UNC Charlotte. New freshmen and new transfers from all colleges participate in 49er Rebound. Students will receive specific information from their colleges about program options, expectations, and enrollment.

UCAE Tutorial Services is UNC Charlotte’s main course-specific academic support program that serves students through appointment and drop-in tutoring. Services are free and available to any enrolled undergraduate student, in any major, in any academic standing.